4 Must Have Appliances For A Healthy Kitchen

Healthy eating starts firstly at the supermarket (ideally a farmers market) then the kitchen. Modern technology as damaged our health in many ways but now it starting to fix the wrongs it has done by giving us a variety of kitchen appliances in which to improve our health and well being – this post goes through some great healthy appliances for your kitchen;


vitamix blender

Blenders have been around for a long time but green smoothies are a recent development. For me it is not just a fad and something I have worked into my regular routine. Above is the blender I personally use, ninja blenders are quite popular, it doesn’t really matter which brand you use as long as it cuts and mixes up the ingredients well.

What’s so great about smoothies is you can eat raw greens by adding them with fruit and honey etc. Normally most people would not want to chew on a leaves of swiss chard or kale but with a blender you just drink it and make it taste great in the process, I also like to add super food’s such as cacao, hemp seeds, chia seeds etc. There is plenty of delicious and healthy recipes out there.



If I am not having a smoothie I am having a glass of freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juice. What is so great about that? Imagine being able to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of a half a bag of carrots, half a celery, an apple and a thumb sized piece of ginger in one sitting? Yeah sure you could eat all that, but would you? I can drink it in a quarter of the time and not feel like my jaw has had the most intense workout of its life!

Food Dehydrator

food dehydrator

When most people snack they will open a bag of potato chips, a packet of biscuits or perhaps some chocolate. When I snack I indulge myself with kale chips, fruit leather and jerky. Do you know what is involved in the preparation of your food? How many cancer causing additives are in those snacks? I know everything that is in my snacks because I made them myself using my dehydrator  – I grew my own kale then I prepared my own seasoning and dried it my self. These is just one of the many reasons why you would own a dehydrator.

Teflon Free Cookware

healthy cook ware

Teflon cookware is carcinogenic, that is why I will choose either a cast iron cook ware set or a safer alternative. Always read the labels as teflon is not the only thing you need to worry about. This goes for things like George Forman grills, sand which press machines etc. Sure teflon makes cleaning up a breeze but is it really worth it at the expense of your health?

That is the four most important appliances, I would have put an electric jug for brewing up herbal tea but I am sure most people already have a jug any way. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section below…


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