7 Reasons Why It’s Worth Becoming Addicted To Meditation

Meditation is the most underrated practice in the western world, although it’s been gaining tremendous popularity over the years. Even though it’s been practiced for thousands of years in other parts of the world, we’re finally beginning to recognize its vast array of benefits with science backing everything up.

I first got introduced to meditation from watching martial arts movies, most notably from Tony Jaa. He is a very talented martial artist but he seems like such a peaceful and relaxed person and looks very young for his age….

Let’s touch on some of the improvements in your life you’ll begin to experience almost instantly once you learn to fall into the trance state.


Transforming Your Mental Health

The biggest change you’ll see in the beginning is improvements in your mental health. Stress levels will lower and feelings of anxiety will go away. It will begin to feel like you’re a lot more relaxed on a daily basis, plus there will be less chance of you suffering from panic attacks.

Your Creativity Will Improve

Meditation is the secret door giving you access to the true power of your subconscious mind. Do you ever feel amazing when you wake up after realizing something important while in a dream? You will be able to have more of those moments without sleeping, and a more creative mind is a much happier one.

Unleashing The Tension From Your Body

All of your organs are stressed right now, and they’re holding onto lots of tension. Meditation will help them relax and your blood will flow to all of your extremities, which is why your fingers and toes start to tingle when you’re in a meditative state. Loosening this tension will improve the health of all your organs.

Improve Your Heart Health

Out of everything in your body, your heart is the thing you need to look after the most. Luckily meditation has a number of benefits when it comes to heart health on top of the improved circulation we just looked at. The biggest is a drop in your blood pressure, which will lower your risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack.

The Immune System Will Be Stronger

If you have a weak immune system, you’ll find it difficult to beat off even the least harmful illnesses. You know it’s bad when you keep on catching the common cold every few months, but once you start meditating it will put an end to it. Your immune system will build up strength until it’s capable of preventing many more problems.

You’ll Have More Energy

Do you always seem to feel fatigued every day? A lot of people lack the energy to do the simplest of tasks, and they end up blaming it on motivation. You can’t say you’re unmotivated if you don’t do the things you love, because the real reason you sit around all night doing nothing is due to your body lacking energy.

Getting To Sleep At Night

Some people are able to fall asleep when their head hits the pillow, whereas it takes others hours until they finally get to sleep. If your problem is even worse it might be because you have insomnia, which can easily reduce the quality of your life. Start to meditate regularly and you’ll fall asleep much quicker at night.

Meditation Is The Best Medicine

Whether it’s for your body or your mind, meditation is the best medicine in the world. It’s going to keep gaining in popularity until it becomes a large part of all our lives, but you should begin to practice it now as some of the benefits you’ll get are too good to wait around for. It’s possibly one of the only things it’s beneficial to get addicted to.

So there you have it, there is no reason why you should not be meditating! Here is a video walking you through it.


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