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Avoid Cellulite Creams And Go Natural

You might be one of these people who would like to remove the cellulite from your body. But before you  go to the beauty shop to purchase a cellulite cream or schedule an appointment for a laser surgery or liposuction with a dermatologist, you should first know all the facts about cellulite to eliminate them  naturally and effectively.

Cellulite are fat deposits that have been collected under the skin’s surface. Due to accumulation of fat deposits, they cause the skin to have a dimpling effect “orange peel”. More women experience this condition than men. Some body parts that are mostly affected by this condition are the thighs, buttocks, and hips.

Companies selling beauty creams or  surgery that promise to get rid of cellulite usually pinpoint genetics as the main reason for such condition. However, this statement is not entirely true. Although genetics as well as hormonal fluctuations definitely play a part in this condition, other factors also come into play, such as your lifestyle as well as your diet.

You may have a greater risk of developing cellulite if your diet mostly contains refined flours, synthetic sugars, and processed fats. A smoker also has a higher risk of getting cellulite. Both of these activities cause the build up of toxins inside the body. Additionally, smoking also disrupts the proper flow of blood and the drainage of your lymph system. As a result, cellulite will form. Wearing tight clothing, even underwear, can also cause cellulite to appear on the skin as it can affect circulation.

You may think that buying and using creams will  help you to eliminate cellulite. However, you need to know that there are hidden dangers in using them. Synthetic collagen and caffeine are the primary ingredients utilized by companies  who create these creams. They improve blood circulation and tighten your skin. However, there are additional ingredients that the companies use which may cause harmful effects to the consumers. Here are some of these ingredients.


  • Phthalates – This ingredient, referred to as a plasticizer, is responsible for the smooth and silky texture of the cream. However, studies show that these plasticizers may cause neurological dysfunction, infertility, altered immune system, and even cancer.


  • Carrageenan – This is a food ingredient or additive that is receiving a lot of controversy lately. Studies show that it increases your risk of getting cancer. It also causes inflammation.


  • Parabens – Cosmetic companies widely use this ingredient to make beauty products. However, studies also show that there is a risk for getting breast cancer. It also causes infertility and thyroid disorders.


  • Food Dyes – Food dyes are also present in cellulite creams even though such product is not an edible item. However, these food dyes may cause disturbances to mental health, suppression of the immune system, and growth of tumors. Some of these food dyes are Blue 1 Lake and Red #40.

Undergoing surgery, such as laser surgery or liposuction, is not the best solution, either. This procedure only offers a short term solution yet may cause permanent side effects without eliminating the real cause of the condition. In the case of liposuction, the side effects might include infection, scarring, gynecomastia or the development of breasts in males, benign fatty tumors, and permanent site numbness. With laser surgery, your skin may experience burning, scarring, peeling, bruising and itching.

There are actually a number of natural methods that you can employ in order to eliminate cellulite. Here are some of them.


  • Changes in dietary consumption – Eat more organic produce and avoid junk foods. Some of the foods that you can eat for a cellulite-free body are tomatoes, turmeric, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, etc.


  • Water consumption – Drink around six to eight glasses of water each day. As much as possible, avoid soda as it can make you become chronically dehydrated.


  • Changes in lifestyle – Smokers should quit smoking. Aside from that, you should also avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Allocate a few minutes every day to perform workout exercises and keep yourself physically active.


  • Coffee and cellophane wraps – For a quick fix, you can make coffee and cellophane wraps. To do so, soak ground full caffeine coffee into warm water to make a paste. Let it sit for a while. Then, add a few drops of coconut or olive oil. Go to the shower and apply paste to the affected area. Cover them with cellophane afterwards. Let it sit for around 20 minutes and shower as usual.


  • Dry skin brushing – This technique improves blood and lymphatic flow. You can buy this online or from a health food store.


Indeed, natural methods are the best and safest ways to reduce cellulite. Educate yourself first before going through your options. Do not sacrifice your overall health just to look beautiful.

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