Does Wearing Bras Cause Breasts To Sag?

Since early times, many women already wear bras. There are different reasons why they do so. Some wear bras to make a fashion statement, such as minimize and enhance the breasts, to make your boobs grow and create cleavage. Others wear these items to conform to social norms, which is related to the belief that the bras should support the breasts and not wearing one is unacceptable. Others use these products for back support.

Many women mistakenly wear bras because they believe that doing so will stop their breasts from sagging. However, it is actually the contrary. According to a research that has been conducted by Jean-Denis Rouillon, wearing bras will result to the breasts sagging even more. This is because bras only weaken the muscles of the breasts. Rouillon is a sports science expert teaching at University of Besancon, France. The study lasted for a span of 15 years.

Within the course of his study, he carefully measured the changes in the breasts of about a hundred females with the use of a slide ruler as well as a caliper, which is a device that allows a person to measure the distance between the two opposite sides of a particular object. For 15 years, the measurements were taken at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Besancon, France.

sagging-boobsThe women who volunteered for the study were from 18 years old up to 35 years old. However, Rouillon made it clear that these women do not represent the total female population in the whole world even though the study lasted for several years.

In his study, he concluded that wearing bras do not have any kind of benefits anatomically, physically, and physiologically. Instead, the result is sagging breasts. This means that a bra is actually a false necessity.

Aside from that, he also found out that those women who never wear bras have nipples which are seven millimeters higher, on average, relatively to their own shoulders than those who wear bras on a regular basis. One of Rouillon’s volunteers in the study, Capucine, aged 28 years old, even stated that she was able to experience lesser back pains, breathe more easily, and carry herself better. This proves that there can be multiple benefits if one does not wear a bra.

However, Rouillon said that the women should not immediately dispose of their bras and stop using them. For instance, those who are already 45 years old and above will not get any benefit from not wearing bras.

He also said in an interview with the English-written newspaper being circulated in France, The Local, that the results were only preliminary. The results he got from 320 women does not reflect the results of millions of women all over the world.

According to the preliminary data, when the younger population of women stop using bras, the orientation of their breasts do not deteriorate. Instead, it improves such orientation. This means that not wearing bras can actually be good for the breasts.

There was actually a previous related study that was conducted by the University of Portsmouth in England. In such study, they discovered that women can actually damage their breasts if they wear the wrong bra sizes. For this matter, the bra sizes really hold a significant importance when choosing to wear bras.

Rouillon stated that for these preliminary data to become definitive, he will need to conduct a study that involves at least 300,000 women or a large population of women. He also needs to perform further researches to advance his study. He will need more time to be able to publish another report which will be deemed definite already.

On the side of bra makers and manufacturers, John Dixey, who was the former CEO of Playtex said that they do not have any evidence that wearing bras will prevent the breasts from sagging since the breasts are not muscles themselves.

As a result, it is impossible to keep them toned up. He mentioned that wearing a particular bra does not really affect the breasts permanently. The bra is designed with a particular shape and wearing one will give the breasts such shape while the person is wearing it.

Rouillon acknowledged the fact that there are a number of reasons why women wear bras. These reasons are not only limited to the prevention of saggy breasts as well as conversation of their shapes. Comfort is even one of the reasons why a good percentage of the total female population wear bras, most especially those who are living in countries that are far from the equator in the winter season.

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