Science Confirms Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

In case you are still not convinced whether your cell phone can cause brain cancer or not. According to numerous scientists and doctors the science is clear – They have already reached a conclusion that cell phones, indeed, can cause cancer of the brain. Just recently, these medical professionals were able to provide overwhelming evidence as to how brain cancer may develop because of the use of cell phones.

Radio frequency radiation, or commonly known for its abbreviation RFR, is a kind of radiation that every cell phone emits. This kind of radiation is essential for the transmission of wireless Internet signals and responsible for your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Being able to connect to the Internet. In the past years, some scientists and doctors believe that RFR does not really cause brain cancer because of its energy being too low. Its energy is not even comparable to the ionizing radiation which X-ray machines emit. Ionizing radiation also causes cancer and damage to the DNA.

According to a study that was conducted in 2010, there is a 40% higher risk of getting a brain tumor, a 300% higher risk of getting acoustic nerve tumor, as well as a higher risk of having a parotid gland tumor if a person uses a cell phone for ten years or more. The study also found that there is a 400% higher risk of having a brain tumor for a person who uses a cell phone before he or she reaches 20 years of age. Due to these findings, RFR has been classified and considered as a possible carcinogen, which means that it significantly increases your chances of getting cancer.

In 2015, another study was conducted with the aim to find more evidence that RFR can really cause cancer in humans. Through such study, scientists were able to find out that, when you use a cell phone or even use wireless Internet, your body absorbs a certain level of exposure to RFR which triggers the body to go into a state of  oxidative stress.

This is a condition where the antioxidant capability of the body becomes overwhelmed. As a result, there will be a build up of free radicals inside the body. As most people know, oxidative damages are caused by these free radicals in the DNA and the cells, resulting to cancer and other grave health conditions such as dementia and heart diseases.

Scientists also warn the public about the children having high vulnerability to the hazardous effects of RFR that cell phones emit. Unborn babies who are still inside the wombs of their mothers are also highly vulnerable to such effects. This is because their brains are able to absorb twice the amount of cell phone radiation than the adult brains.

For this reason, many experts warn pregnant mothers to limit their cell phone usage so as not to affect their babies. The doctors would warn these pregnant mothers that, if they really need to use their phones, they need to keep these gadgets away from their abdomens, especially when they are already nearing the end of their pregnancy periods.

Aside from the effects of radiation on these kids, there are also behavioral problems that may arise in them because of these gadgets, according to a study. Nowadays, most parents spend more time looking at their phones rather than focusing attention on their children. As a result, such situation places a strain on the relationship between a parent and a child. Even the relationship between two fully grown individuals may get affected because of smartphones.

According to a study that has been conducted on kids on an international scale, many of them have parents who check their cell phones most often. Due to these gadgets, a number of  parents totally ignore their children. In turn, the children feel neglected and disappointed since they feel that their parents will choose their gadgets over them. They feel jealous and unimportant if their parents get distracted easily by their cell phones.

If the kids notice that their parents spend too much time on their phones, they will eventually become addicted to technology, too. As a result, they may develop problems in their social, emotional, and cognitive aspects. In conclusion, too much cell phone usage will not only cause cancer but can also affect the human emotions, as well.


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