Science Is Beginning To Understand Acupuncture

Everything You Need To Know About Acupuncture And Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared

 Everyone has heard about acupuncture, yet they still believe it’s an excuse for someone to stick random needles into your body and charge you for the pleasure. The Chinese might have come up with the traditional practice over 3,000 years ago, but we don’t realize even our own National Institutes for Health has been telling everyone for nearly 20 years it’s a safe and very effective way to help people deal with countless health problems.

The Basics Of Acupuncture

Before we look into more detail about why it actually works, it will be easier if you know exactly what is involved. You’ll have to go through an assessment to find out what you’re suffering from, and only then will the acupuncturist decide on the best treatment plan for you. In other words, they’ll work out the best places (acupoints) where the needles should be placed. During a single session they’re left in for between 5 to 30 minutes.

How It Actually Works

I’m sure this is what you really want to know, because it’s hard to figure out how sticking needles into the body could have any effect on health conditions. Although Chinese doctors from the ancient times believed acupuncture had something to do with the flow of energy in the body and balance the opposing forces in the universe (yin and yang), we have found a proper scientific explanation for why it’s so effective.

When the needles are stuck into various acupoints around the body, they’re stimulating the most vital systems to create a positive response on different conditions. You’ll have heard about some of them before, with the most common being the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, and digestive systems. Once you know the needles create some kind of response in those systems it’s easy to see how acupuncture could be beneficial, as opposed to some kind of strange voodoo practice.

Why It’s Now So Popular

Even though it’s not so widely understood, it’s hard to deny it’s not been increasing in popularity over the years. The easiest way to explain this might be to look at some of the health issues it helps you fight. Acupuncture does help with a massive list of ailments throughout the body but depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, and back pain are usually the things people turn to acupuncture for.

The mental health issues are self-explanatory, as we’ve never felt so depressed and anxious as we have over the last few decades if we’re talking about society as a whole. Migraine headaches and backache are a couple of things we’ve never been able to fully deal with using traditional medicine, so now more people are likely to test out acupuncture instead of popping pills due to both being covered by insurance.

You Should Test Acupuncture Out

Hopefully you know the needles aren’t going to cause you any pain, and at most you might feel a tiny bit of discomfort. If the only reason you haven’t tried acupuncture yet is because you’re scared, I hope you might consider it now that you know how beneficial it is. It’s possible you will only need a few treatments depending on what is wrong with you, but you’ll need to speak to an acupuncturist to find out the exact plan needed to help your body heal itself.

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