The Power Of A Juice Fast

Recently I watched an inspiring documentary called Fat Sick And Nearly Dead. It really show cased the power of natural healing, the guy who made it is named Joe Cross and as the title suggests He was quite literally over weight, unwell and on a downward spiral towards death.

He is a typical business man, too much focus on making money with little focus on his health. But he managed to turn all that around just through the power of drinking vegetable juice. Now I am not talking about going to the store and buying a vegetable juice and drinking one of those a day it was much more extreme and effective than that.

What happened in the documentary was he drank nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juice for a whole 60 days, with careful monitoring by a doctor of course. Now I know what you may be thinking, that sounds boring. It wasn’t just a documentary showing a guy drinking juice every day. It showed him driving all around America interviewing various individuals about their dietary habits and lifestyle choices. He even convinced some people to take up juicing!

He also interviewed several doctors and nutritionists, so it was actually quite entertaining. The end result is he managed to cure his rash that he was taking medication for and weened himself off the medication. Here is the kicker, he lost an incredible amount of weight whilst making himself so much happier and healthier!

It really is quite an easy way to lose weight and detox at the same time. But please consult your doctor before you give it a go. And it has to be freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juice, it has all the necessary nutrients that way. If you are eager to give it a go you can either sign up and do it with Joe himself at reboot with Joe or you can learn the fat sick and  nearly dead diet, documentary and juice recipes.

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