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TMNS Inspired Me To Learn About Music Therapy

movie posterAfter Watching the music never stopped I was inspired to learn more about not only music therapy but alternative healing in general. That’s what prompted me to create this blog, I am on a journey to discover alternative healing of every nature.I feel as though mainstream modern medicine is failing us to certain degree, excellent when it comes to corrective or emergency surgery, but really lacking when it comes to disease control and prevention. Worst of all my medicare does not cover alternative doctors such as Naturopathy or Chinese medicine, just to give two examples.

Music Therapy

What I am going to be focusing on today is music therapy, from a brief bit of searching I discovered that it was portrayed accurately in the movie, apart from the fact that music therapy should involve more live music as opposed to recorded music.

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an actual clinical and evidence based form of healing, You would think it is just for mental health but it also treats physical ailments. That is what I like about alternative medicine, they understand the connection between mind and body.

To become a music therapist you must undergo training in order to receive the right credentials so that you can practice music therapy. Then you asses you patients specific needs in order to ascertain what kind of treatment is required in order for the patient to reach the desired outcome.

Check out some of the positive outcomes that have resulted from the music therapists;

  • Work with Congresswoman Giffords to regain her speech after surviving a bullet wound to her brain.
  • Work with older adults to lessen the effects of dementia.
  • Work with children and adults to reduce asthma episodes.
  • Work with hospitalized patients to reduce pain.
  • Work with children who have autism to improve communication capabilities.
  • Work with premature infants to improve sleep patterns and increase weight gain.
  • Work with people who have Parkinson’s disease to improve motor function.

Source for claims

Music therapy can also be used to help combat stress, I think it is common knowledge that stress is the cause of many degenerative diseases, so anything that can help reduce stress is something we need more as far as I am concerned.

Here is a wonderful speech involving music therapy during child birth.

And just in case you wanted to know more about music therapy here is a informative documentary:

Stay ‘tuned’ for more alternative treatments 🙂

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